Here's how Gearheads Puzzles was born!

A little over two years ago, I got deep into jigsaw puzzles. It's a long story how it happened, but suffice it to say that I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed it! At the beginning, I had no idea that this newfound love would lead to me starting a company!

Fast forward to April, 2017. For several years, my S.O. and I have visited the Lonestar Roundup in Austin, Texas. (If you've never been to this great car show, you should DEFINITELY put it on your list! The cars are amazing and the show gets bigger every year!)

So this year, my brother came into town to go to the show with us. As the three of us walked around marveling at the myriad fantastic autos on display, we meandered to the vendor row. I saw a vendor there that had some really cool pictures of cars. I said, "wow, that would make a great puzzle!" By the time we had finished walking through the vendors (and buying a few things, I might add), I had realized that no one was selling puzzles, and furthermore it was rare to see well-made puzzles of classic cars. Many of them are drawings, some indeed quite spectacular, but it was rare to find a puzzle that featured an actual, beautiful car. 

So that was the day my company was born. I immediately started researching manufacturers, applied for a bank account, my LLC, found my store platform, created a might say I became a bit obsessed. 

It's been so fun giving birth to this first puzzle. I "met" the photographer on Instagram, and it seemed kismet that she was another female veteran, in love with old cars. I have created both Instagram and Facebook pages for my business (would love to have you like and follow if you aren't already), and am having a blast sharing pictures that I take as I go to car shows. All pictures on social media (and when you see me at upcoming shows, my poster and postcards), are taken by me. 

I would love to hear from you what you think of my puzzle! If you love classic cars, and enjoy being challenged, you'll love this puzzle. 

Happy puzzling!