Why puzzle?

Gearheads Puzzles founderI admit, I sometimes get odd looks when I tell people that I love to puzzle (and then had the audacity to start a puzzle company!). I think that many people think that puzzlers are a throwback to an earlier era. In a way, we are. But in a way, we’re also at the forefront of a new era of reconnecting.

In today’s hyper speed get-it-done-right-this-second-or-die-trying-world, taking the time to sit down – if even for a few minutes – to work with a jigsaw puzzle reminds me that it’s okay to slow down once in a while. Touching the pieces is a tactile pleasure I just don’t get from electronic devices. Figuring out where that piece goes – especially if it’s as challenging a puzzle as our Chevy Gold – causes me to focus. The million “to-do” lists I have going in my head at any given time stop crowding my mind. I can almost feel my heartbeat slow as I pour over my latest challenge.

Then there’s the sense of accomplishment. Finishing a puzzle and stepping back to admire it is a joy to me. I rub my hands over the pieces (I know if you’re reading this, you probably do, too!), and feel the fit. And of course, I take a picture to post in my many puzzle groups on Facebook to which I belong.

In those puzzle groups, people have said they use puzzling to relax, to calm anxiety, to weather illness and depression, and to help with focus and concentration. It’s not only a solitary pleasure (though it can be), it’s a fun family or friend activity that’s inexpensive and appropriate for all ages.

If you haven’t tried puzzling, please do! You just might find, like me and all my puzzling pals, it’s one of the best hobbies you ever tried.

p.s. that's yours truly trying out a fabulous classic car - I think I need one, don't you?